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PRODUCTVIDEOS: for feat. my music

U-HE – HIVE 1.0 Release – Productvideo (2015)
U-HE – HIVE Tutorial-Video “Make a track in 2 minutes” for Musikmesse Frankfurt (2015)
U-HE – Bazille Tutorial-Video “Make a track in 2 minutes” for Musikmesse Frankfurt (2015)
U-HE – Presswerk 1.0 Release – Productvideo (2015)
U-HE – Bazille 1.0 Release – Productvideo (2014)
U-HE – HIVE “Make Them Dance” – Teaservideo (2014)


Project Name: Nevada Kid™

Techno, Electro, Psychedelic, Minimal, Experimental


Nevada Kid™ Playlist 1


Nevada Kid™ Playlist 2


Micha Meinhardt & Nevada Kid™ – Wir müssen auf die Autobahn


Project Name: Venus Hype Machine – Console 5001 (Album) (c+p 2000)


Project Name: Venus Hype Machine – Mr.Volcano (Remixes) (c+p 2000)



Project Name: Venus Hype Machine – Rockbuster Winner Rheinland Pfalz (c+p 1998)



Project Name: Venus Hype Machine – RosebudRed / VW Soundfoundation Winner (c+p 1999)



Check out the Live video:

VHM – Craved for more – LIVEVIDEO – Weimar 1999



Venus Hype Machine – Console 5001

Produced by George Kaleve

Songs written and preproduced by Michael Dühr

Voice, Bass by Michael Dühr

Lyrics by Michael Dühr and Trevor B. Lewis

Guitars played by Jörg Sander

Drums played by Bela Brauckmann and Dog

Mixed by Peter ‘Black Pete’ Schmidt / Engineered by Marc Schettler

Mastered by Greg Calbi Sterling Sound NY

(c) (p) 2000


Mr. Volcano – REMIXES

Done by Rob Dust (Warp Acht), Josef Bach, Junkie Chase, Myom and King Mo.



Rockbuster 1998 [Winner Rheinland Pfalz]

Songs written and produced by Michael Dühr

Instruments played by Michael Dühr

(c) (p) 1998


Welcome to Atomicsushi Land!

In the past 20 years i produced a mix of Rock, Pop and Electronic Music. Since 2007, i am mainly doing Electronic Music under the Artistname Nevada Kid™. I am always interested in doing commissioned work for advertisements or computer games. I am glad to help you with your music or production. Just shoot me an email. Check out my…


Equipment Apple Computers and Mobile devices Logic Pro, Ableton, Steinberg Cubase, Celemony, U-HE, Native Instruments, Avid Pro Tools, RME Audiointerface Yamaha and Neumann Monitors Neumann and Shure microphones Different Software and Hardware based Instruments and Effects Thanks to Digital AudionetworX – Berlin for advice and support over the years!

Songwriter and Soundtrack Services

Songwriter Services Demo Recording High quality recording & mixing services Arranging I can fine tune the song with creative arranging Co-writing Need another verse or a bridge? Have a lyric, but need a tune? Song co-writing is available. Production Creative direction to fulfill your vision Complete project management Mastering Affordable pre-mastering & mastering services Remixing A+B Side Remixes, Radio Edits,…

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About: Michael Dühr – Songwriter | Musicproducer | Berlin Michael Dühr komponiert, produziert und arrangiert Musik in verschiedensten Bereichen, Stilen und Formaten. Er schreibt sowohl Kompositionen für Rock/Pop, Elektronische Musik (Clubtracks) als auch für Film-, Fernseh- und Werbemusik. Als Musiker (Gesang, Bass, Gitarre) war er in diversen Projekten und Bands tätig. Er wurde 1974 in Trier geboren und lebt seit…